Certifies its Crime Prevention Model reflecting its high standards

In July of this year, Prelafit Compliance awarded to Zaemus and the holding company to which it belongs, the certification of its Crime Prevention Model, thus accrediting the adoption and implementation by the company of a prevention system or compliance program. , as determined by Law No. 20,393, which entered into force on December 2, 2009.

This law establishes the criminal liability of legal persons for the commission of bribery offenses against public officials, national and foreign, reception, financing of terrorism and money laundering, also determining the procedure for the investigation and establishment of such responsibility, the sanctions and the execution of these. This means that companies can be criminally liable for crimes committed by their employees.

In this sense and in order to comply with this regulation, Zaemus defined a Crime Prevention Policy, which consolidates it as a responsible and secure company internally, which is also replicated for work in general, since it implies that Loans24 meets high standards in terms of compliance and integrity in business, a commitment that all companies should undoubtedly adopt.

This certification granted by Prelafit Compliance – specialist entity and registered in the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance (SVS) – accredits that the Crime Prevention Model implemented by Zaemus complies, in all its significant aspects, with the requirements established by the aforementioned law.

The company also has a complaint channel and its e-mail legal@Zaemus.cl open to receive any notice of any irregularity detected.