End of Life: A Campaign for Advance Directives – Succession, Heritage (9588)

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Handicap, accident, degenerative disease … When a person can no longer speak, his advance directives allow health professionals to know his last wishes. Yet, few people today are informed of the opportunity to write them and to designate a person of trust. This is why the Ministry of Health and the National Center for Palliative and End-of-Life Care are launching an information campaign to make ” knowledge of their rights more accessible “. His name: ” End of life, if we talked about it! “.

Writing methods

The HAS (High Authority for Health) provides the general public with a guide inviting reflection on the drafting of these guidelines. It provides information on their interests and objectives, gives advice on writing or keeping them, and provides information on their use by the medical profession. A template form is also provided to guide the editorial staff. The HAS also proposes a document on the person of trust, which explains its role, the criteria to choose it and the modalities to designate it.

Inform at the right time

Other tools are developed to facilitate the approach of health professionals and treating physicians, who play a vital role in informing patients about their rights and helping them to formulate their choices. A second guide has been published with this objective. It indicates, among other things, the best times to approach the subject and specifies that it is ” easier to evoke when the health of a person does not suggest a fatal outcome in the near future “.

A dedicated website has been created while civic meetings will be organized throughout France, the first being scheduled for 7 March 2017 in Bordeaux.