Percujam Film: Autistic Artists Firing

It is said that music is a universal language. With their energy and talent, Percujam’s autistic artists erase the differences. In almost ten years, they have chained concerts and made a name for themselves on the French and European music scene. Through their touching and committed texts, they claim to be artists before being autistic. A documentary, shot over five years, theatrically on April 4, 2018, plunges us into the atypical and colorful universe of this group like no other.

A film in immersion

” I’m not a bell, there is in my noggin even if sometimes I pick up. Explaining disability and encouraging the public to change their eyes is the message these artists bring. Between melancholy and pure joie de vivre, it is difficult to classify Percujam in a particular musical universe. Talented, the group writes and composes each of its titles. To experience this incredible adventure from the inside, Alexandre Masséna, director, decided to follow the daily life of these young artists and their educators. During 1:30, the spectator is invited to accompany them on the roads, in concert but also within their establishment, Alternote. It is by chance that the director finds himself one day to attend one of the repetitions of the group. ” I stayed close to twenty minutes in a musical session; I keep asking myself who the autistic are, “he says. Indeed, the osmosis between musicians is such that it is difficult, at first, to know who is disabled or not.

Authenticity and sincerity

Several media have already gone to meet Percujam ” but their images were systematically focused on OCD,” says the director. For him, the whole point of this film is to let the characters live so that ” people like me, who did not know anything about this handicap, can live with those who carry them. “This sense of closeness is felt throughout the film, and each of the personalities of the group has its place, without manipulation or staging. ” It was important for me to show that they have the same concerns as us,” assures Alexandre Masséna. Everything is there, their daily work to repeat the show, the moments of life, but also the uncertainties of each other. What is striking is the professionalism of this band of musicians. From the first notes, they transform themselves into real stage animals, with boundless energy and an ability to galvanize their audience.

With M or Calogero

Two years ago, on April 4, 2016, they gave an exceptional performance at the Olympia. A consecration for these musicians who play above all for their pleasure and that of their listeners. With three albums to their credit, they managed to catch the eye of renowned artists such as the group Tryo, they were the first part, M, Calogero, or Grand Corps Malade.