Pujol Ferrusola hid his money and heritage when he was discovered

Jordi Pujol Ferrusola hid his money and assets when the investigations about his fortune began and he sent the funds to Mexico, according to the court order authorizing the registration of the room of his parents’ house where he was sleeping. The magistrate of La Mata has ordered the seizure of his current accounts and his credit cards.

In the cited order of entry and registration, the magistrate of La Mata, head of the central court 5 of the National Court, ensures that the first-born of the Pujol Ferrusola family made “a progressive process of decapitalization of all its assets that could be attributed to “, and all knowing that they had begun their police and judicial investigations on their business. In addition, the judge describes the mechanism of what he defines as money laundering: he bought a company in Panama, transferred his balances to accounts of this firm in Andorra and then transferred all the money to Mexico, the last installment he justified with a loan that the judge believes nonexistent. Total: six million euros evaded. There was also another decapitalization formula: he transferred part of his estate to his ex-wife, Mercè Gironés, pretending to sell a property on Ganduxer Street, and in the middle of a judicial investigation a donation appeared to his daughter to hide the operation.

The judge also accuses him directly of having “clearly disregarded the truth in his statements in court where he denied having accounts in various places, which the documentation has shown that he did have.”

The mechanisms used by Pujol Ferrusola to evade money from Spain and move it through different countries, some tax havens, others with lax laws, and finally repatriate it in part are of particular relevance in the judicial dossier that is accumulating in the process of the central court. . The origin of these funds are, according to the car, the illegal commissions, which the police figure at 11,530,004 euros.

For the concealment of funds, always following the line of argument of the judge’s order, plays an important role an English company Brantridge Holdings LTD, “an instrumental company put at the service of Jordi Pujol Ferrusola by English trustee Arthur Rainford Towning”. This firm had offices in the United Kingdom, the United States and Liechtenstein, where the money of the alleged commissions was circulated, which was then repatriated to Spain in part to disguise its origin.

On the other hand, Judge José de la Mata ordered the seizure of current accounts and credit cards of Jordi Pujol Ferrusola and his ex-wife, Mercè Gironés, who is also charged in this case, as well as his father, his mother And his brother. The current address of Gironès was also registered the same day as that of Pujol Ferrosula.