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Should Children Be Sent To Boarding Schools?

Should Children Be Sent To Boarding Schools?

Well, every coin has two sides to it. It has been seen that students going to boarding schools have greater prospects of being a successful professional while the day scholars have a high emotional quotient. A private school provides an environment for personal growth and exploration with an abundance of programs and activities whereas children of day schools are raised in a secure and warm home.

Perks of boarding schools


Pupils are conditioned to be successful individuals for which a strict regime is followed. It is of utmost importance to train their students to be punctual and respect time. Many schools have prefects who keep discipline in check and enforce it whenever needed.

Character development

A strong emphasis is laid on inculcating traits such as honesty, respect for one another and hard work. It is believed that students from these schools have exceptional character and demeanor.

Precursor to life

Pupils often bump into other students whom they may not necessarily like but have to make peace with them, which is a small way, prepares them for the real world. Students not only manage their own affairs but also learn to deal with others, boosting their interpersonal skills.


Students become masters at managing time as well as money. They learn to perform many domestic chores along with the homework given to them at school, without any assistance. They learn that freedom comes at a price and they become strong and responsible adults.

Boarding Schools

Develop a feeling of brotherhood

Boarding schools promotes camaraderie and friendship. Students learn to appreciate as well as respect the cultural differences and try to live amicably.

Other activities

Many boarding schools offer a wide variety of activities, from football to horse-riding, dance, and music, art, etc. These enhance their personalities and makes them confident individuals.

Effect on child psychology

Another aspect to be considered is child psychology. Being sent to a boarding school, especially at a young age, has many implications.

When a child is raised at home, both the child and family adapt to each other, involving a constant negotiation. But in a school, the child has to learn to adjust to the system. This develops a feeling of insecurity amongst many students. Combined with the absence of siblings and parents, it has a lasting effect on attachment patterns. It has been seen that the child goes into a shell and refrains from sharing his difficulties and emotions. They shy away from intimacy which influences almost all relationships in their lives. This might also cause depression in adults.

Well, each of us has been asked to behave lest will be sent to a boarding school. But the decision to send your child to boarding school needs to be taken carefully.