Things to remember before installing hardwood floors

Things to remember before installing hardwood floors

Bethlehem is located between Northampton County and Lehigh County inside the Lehigh Valley region of Northern Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. This city is located at the banks of the Lehigh River, a Delaware River tributary. The city was founded on 24th December 1741. Sometimes the city is referred to as Christmas City and Steel City. In this article, you will learn more about caring for hardwood floors in Bethlehem, PA. Hardwood floors are made of solid timber and are long-lasting and durable but highly maintained. They might be of varied types but are limited in quantity.

How to take care of a hardwood floor?

  • Clean spills as soon as possible- use a damp or dry cloth to wipe off the things that have spilled. Avoid using steam or wet mops as this will destroy some time.
  • Humidity level- Keep the humidity levels inside your house within a specific limit, as this might affect your floor to a lot extent causing it to bend, expand or contract all due to the moisture. So don’t use a too much-wet mop to clean the stains. This might create marks of water.
  • Use furniture pads- hardwood floors tend to gem or scratch more than other flooring materials. So use pads underneath the furniture to protect the floor while shifting it.

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  • Waxing and sanding- wax and sand the floor once a year as this help to smoothen the hardwood surface and makes it even more lasting. This process also removes the wax, hard stain, or dirt build-up on the surface.
  • Check your house before installing it- Use wooden floors only if it is not prone to mites or wood ants, as this might destroy the classic and authentic floor.
  • Use soft cleaners- harsh chemical-filled cleaners usually act as a poison for hardwood floors as they might react to the floor and leave a white or yellow mark when the concentrated formula has fallen hand, making your wooden floor chip its lustrous top layer. And this mark will be removed only if a few coats of varnish are put on them.

To conclude, the facts mentioned above need to be taken care of.

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