You Won’t Be Spoiling Your Health Entirely With Pots

You Won’t Be Spoiling Your Health Entirely With Pots

Having marijuana or cannabis doesn’t matter. What matters is the effect you get out of it. Moreover, marijuana and cannabis are just two terms for the same thing. The leaves of weed plants that you use in different ways to get a good and intoxicating feeling. Quite a few them even call it with other names but there are a few medical uses for พอต.

Pain In Your Joints? Not Anymore

Most often marijuana is also treated as an analgesic against chronic pain. Chronic pain is referred to pain that stuck around longer than you intended for it to stay. When no other medications are useful for it, then controlled marijuana concentrates can be consumed for relieving you temporarily.

Although you need a doctor’s prescription for it, it is necessary to stick to the given prescription alone. Taking increased amounts will lead you to an addiction which will not be good for your other organs. So, analgesic is the main medical use of marijuana.

Depression And PTSD

Since marijuana works on the central nervous system and elevates one’s mood, it is also called a recreational drug. So as it has recreational effects, it also has small levels of anti-depressant functions. This is one of the main reasons it is used to fight against psychological disorders or conditions such as depression, PTSD and anxiety.


An important thing to be kept in mind here is that marijuana can only be used to cure the starting of these conditions. They cannot be used as a permanent solution to them and must not be used for critical conditions. Having a doctor’s advice before consumption will give you the best results.

Fighting Cold And Staying Warm

Most of them in the colder regions use marijuana as a way to keep themselves warm. Again, as they work on the central nervous system and activate hormones, it keeps our blood warm and therefore us as well. Quite often, you even come across people by the coastal regions using this as it is an effective way to fight against the cold breeze, without actually having a fistfight with it.

Having pot(พอต)on a good and chill day also helps you enjoy the climate better.

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